International Virtual Ophthalmic Research Center (IVORC) is a leading center for research in visual science and has been considered as one of the independent, nonprofit research hub registered as a nonprofit corporation in Texas, United States. It has been founded to consider as a dedicated group of eye care professionals with a strong vision to support the cutting-edge education and research in eye care programs in either basic or clinical fields. With its unique focus on international collaboration, IVORC brings together experts from around the world in all areas of vision science to enhance ophthalmic education and research. This is accomplished through active international programs in which researchers work with academic networks. The Journal of “Medical Hypothesis, Discovery & Innovation in Ophthalmology” has been published at this center since 2012 as an international, indexed, peer-reviewed Journal. [1]

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Active ( 2012  -  9999 ) Medical Hypothesis, Discovery and Innovation in Ophthalmology

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International Virtual Ophthalmic Research Center (IVORC)

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