The Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) was established in 1998 by an initiative of the Japanese government and with the support of Kanagawa Prefecture. The Institute's mission is to achieve a new paradigm for civilisation and conduct innovative policy development and strategic research for environmental measures, incorporating the policy research findings into political decisions for realising sustainable development both in the Asia-Pacific region and globally. IGES works closely with national governments, local authorities, international organisations, research institutes, businesses, NGOs and local communities on the various critical environmental issues in the Asia-Pacific region. IGES has been involved in various policy-making processes in Japan as well as overseas, and aims to make effective policy proposals at international, national and local levels. Currently, IGES is conducting its four-year Sixth Phase Integrative Strategic Research Programme begun in April 2013 focusing on the seven issue areas of “Climate and Energy,” “Sustainable Consumption and Production,” “Natural Resources and Ecosystem Services,” “Green Economy,” “Business and Environment,” “Integrated Policies for Sustainable Societies,” and “Sustainable Cities.” More detailed information is available at [1]

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Active ( 2000  -  9999 ) International Review for Environmental Strategies

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Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES)

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