A4 format magazine published in nine issues per year (first of each month except January, July and August) averaging 36 pages. Seasonal lists of forthcoming books of Irish origin or interest, summary short descriptions of such books received for review (average 80 per issue) under the "First flush" heading (not dissimilar from Kirkus). Short reviews of about 30 such books, and four interviews with authors, editors, publishers etc. There is also publisher advertising. An annual index of the books listed and reviewed (by author or editor and by title) is issued as a separate 4-page piece enclosed in the December issue. The publisher can also provide in pdf a cumulative index from year 1990 (by author or editor, subject of criticism or biography and title, and including main bibliographical descriptors). First published March 1976 at 10 issues a year. Issue of March 2008 was No. 301. [1]

Active ( 1976  -  9999 ) Books Ireland

0376-6039 ( Print ) 
Wordwell Ltd.Books Ireland

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