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"Systems Engineering Theory and Practice" (monthly) is a comprehensive science and technology journal integrating system science, management science, and information science, which is supervised by the China Science and Technology Association and sponsored by the Chinese System Engineering Society. Published on the 25th, publicly distributed at home and abroad. Domestic unified serial number: CN11-2267 / N, international standard serial number: ISSN1000-6788, post code: 2-305. Since the publication of "Systems Engineering Theory and Practice", it has formed the characteristics of a scientific journal with high authority, high influence and wide coverage. The editorial committee has always adhered to the principle of strict manuscript review and theoretical connection to practice, adhered to the spirit of serving authors and readers, adhered to standardized publishing and a scientific, rigorous, efficient, and realistic work attitude, and established a good social image. Widely recognized. In recent years, the number of received manuscripts has been increasing, the quality of the published papers is high, and the influence is getting larger and larger. It has become one of the most influential journals in the fields of systems engineering and systems science and management science. [1]

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Inactive ( 1981 - 2009 ) Systems Engineering : Theory and Practice

1874-8651 ( Print ) 
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