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Aim & Scope
The Turkish Journal of Earth Sciences is a publication of the Scientific and Technical Research Concil of Turkey (TUBITAK). It was originally established in 1976 and has been published since then. It is the continuation of the former TÜBITAK Doga Journal. The Turkish Journal of Earth Sciences is an international English-language journal for the publication of significant original research and comprehensive reviews in all fields of the Earth and Planetary sciences, such as geology, geophysics, geochemistry, palaeontology, oceanography, petrology, mineralogy, and mineral deposits research. It provides a medium for interdisciplinary papers that would be of interest to many different specialists. In addition to original and review articles, the journal also publishes discussions of papers which have already appeared in the Journal. Book reviews are welcome. There are no page charges for papers published in the Journal. The Turkish Journal of Earth Sciences is published every four months (April, August and December). The Journal also publishes occasional thematic or special conference issues. [1]

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(  1992  -  1993  ) Doga: Turk Yerbilimleri Dergisi    (  1994  -  9999  ) Turkish Journal of Earth Sciences
2022 - VOLUME 31, ISSUE 3
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