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South. At once a coordinate called “home,” and a condition to be avoided. Going south is a mixed metaphor; when you are south no one expects you to want to be there, making a mockery of the journey itself. South is a rich landscape for things on or at the edge, for that certain kind of feeling not yet reconciled. To be south is to be fraught—always. Like its predecessor, SLJ (Southern Literary Journal), conceived out of the turbulence of 1968, south makes its first appearance in the global uncertainty and national unrest that has characterized the new millennium. It is with this in mind that south embraces both the edge and the urgency of scholarly and sometimes creative inquiry into that region called “the south.” We encourage global and hemispheric comparative scholarship linking the American South to other Souths. We envision a journal that thinks of that entity called “the south” in circum-Gulfic terms, from the bottom up, rather than from the top down. With this circum-Gulfic focus in mind, we want to nurture new scholarship and new scholars. More than our latitudinal coordinates, south is intersected by longitudinal pulls, and whatever and wherever the axis, we want work at that place to be our chief concern. [1]

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