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Aim & Scope
Slavia, a magazine for Slavonic philology is the oldest international scientific journal specializing in Slavonic philology in the Czech Republic. It was founded in 1921 and, with the exception of the Second World War, comes out without interruption. The magazine focuses on a comparative study of Slavic languages ​​and literatures from a synchronous and diachronic perspective and the history of Slavic research. It also allows thematic overlaps into non-Slavonic languages ​​and literature (eg balkanism, baltic studies, German studies, etc.), and partly also notes cultural, historical, ethnological and folkloristic issues. As in any scientific journal, individual theoretical and material studies are provided with abstracts and key words in English. The individual papers are published in all Slavic languages, English, German, or French or Italian. [1]

2023 - VOLUME 92, ISSUE 1