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Aim & Scope
Family Medicine (Medicina de Familia - SEMERGEN) is the official scientific publication of the Spanish Society of Primary Care Physicians (Sociedad Española de Médicos de Atención Primaria) and has as its main aim to promote research and professional skills of Primary Care Physicians in order to improve the health and care of the population. Medicina de Familia - SEMERGEN seeks to identify questions on high quality Primary Healthcare focused on the patient and/or the community. The journal publishes original research, methodologies, and theories, as well as selected systematic reviews that are based on current knowledge in order to put forward new theories, methods, or lines of research. Medicina de Familia - SEMERGEN is a peer-reviewed journal that has adopted clear and rigorous ethical norms in its publication policy following the rules of the Publications Ethics Committee, and which seeks to identify questions on high-quality Primary Healthcare focused on the patient and on the community. [1]

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(  1977  -  1995  ) Semer : Publicación oficial de la Sociedad Española de Medicina Rural y Generalista    (  1996  -  9999  ) Medicina de Familia - SEMERGEN
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