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The Revue Française de Sociologie was founded in 1960 and has remained faithful to its initial objective: to disseminate high-quality French sociological studies while at the same time welcoming diverse theoretical and methodological trends. The RFS intends to show the importance of sociological studies to knowledge about the social world. Each year, RFS publishes three “varia” issues and one thematic issue. The “varia” issues make it possible to choose the best unsolicited submissions, and in particular those from young authors, researchers, and research teachers. The thematic issues feature conceptual and technical developments specific to each of the fields of the discipline. For example, the following subjects feature among recent or pending thematic issues: the contemporary State, generational inequalities, corporate sociology, and changes in capitalism. Debates also figure importantly in the RFS, which is evident in particular in the space reserved for critical commentaries and book reviews. The Revue Française de Sociologie is published in paper form and electronically (in French). Additionally, since 2012, all articles published in the RFS have been translated into English with the support of the CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research) [1]

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