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Aim & Scope
Throughout the world, the different institutionalized corporal practices (sport, physical education, dance, gymnastics, capoeira, and others) have called the attention of historians and social scientists, as objects that may contribute to the broadening of our vision on the social context in which they are inserted. Among others, Pierre Bourdieu and Norbert Elias directed a privileged look on sport, acknowledging its relevance in the cultural picture of modernity and contemporarity. In Brazil, although there have been studies done since the 19th century, the history of sport still is a recent field of investigation. Despite the fact that the sportive phenomenon didn’t escape the observation of important Brazilian scholars in the 20th century, historical studies that have had sport as its main focus only started growing, in number and in quality, in the past decade, in addition to acquiring some national organization. The main objective of ‘Recorde’: Journal of Sport History, a publication of ‘Sport’: Laboratory of the History of Sport and Leisure and of the Post-Graduation Program in Comparative History, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), is contributing to the structuring of historical studies that have the institutionalized corporal practices as object. Some basic ideas guide this publication: a) In spite of the usage of the term ‘sport’ in its title, the journal accepts articles about all institutionalized corporal practices (sport, physical education, dance, gymnastics, capoeira, and others), as well as leisure activities, in any historical time. b) In spite of being a scientific journal, ‘Recorde’ aims at opening new opportunities to any production that may contribute to the development of the history of sport. [1]

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