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Aim & Scope
PKAS started as a second publication of the Korean Astronomical Society (KAS) in 1984, partly because the first KAS publication, the Journal of the Korean Astronomical Society (JKAS), had shifted to English-only publication. Thus, in 1986 PKAS became the sole publication which accepts astronomical and astrophysical articles either in English or Korean. Until 1998, the Journal was published once a year. Because the KAS itself was small and already operated a major journal, JKAS, the number of papers was very small. As the community grew, the volume steadily increased. The frequency of publication was increased to twice a year in 1999 and three times a year in 2000. Thanks to the increasing size of the community, especially the ancient astronomy community, as well as improvement of research environment, in 2016 PKAS became a candidate registration publication for Korean Citation Index (KCI) and in 2018 PKAS became a registration publication for KCI. PKAS is trying to increase the number of papers by inviting proceedings, review papers, and papers with specific topics such as ancient astronomy, astronomical instrumentation, research notes, etc., and by giving better service to authors. [1]

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2017 - VOLUME 32, ISSUE 2