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Aim & Scope
Psychology & Sexuality is an international journal which publishes high quality quantitative and qualitative psychological research on sexualities. The journal aims to advance knowledge and understanding of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, heterosexual and queer issues in psychology and allied disciplines. Psychology & Sexuality is progressive and radical with regard to current debates in critical psychology, whilst also drawing from work traditionally seen as outside the remit of psychology to inform understanding and debate. The content is predominantly empirical and theoretical articles from both qualitative and quantitative methodologies, but review articles, brief research reports and essays are welcome, along with book reviews. Special features and issues are welcome along with articles that address user engagement and activism. Occasional interview pieces are included along with historical articles on key figures in the field. Please contact either of the editors if you wish to discuss a special feature/issue or other non-standard article submission. Topics covered include (though note this list is not exclusive): Sexual identities and practices; Relationships; Families; LGBTQ studies; Queer theory; Counselling/psychotherapy with gender and sexually diverse clients; Attitudes, prejudice and discrimination; Health, including HIV/AIDS and other STIs; Violence; Intergroup relations; The intersection of sexualities and other important demographic characteristics/lines of power (e.g. sex, gender, class, disability, race/ethnicity, age, geographical location, religion). [1]

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