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Aim & Scope
Political Research Quarterly publishes scholarly research that covers the breadth of methodological approaches, theoretical perspectives, and substantive topics in the study of politics. Primary fields of research include the following: American Politics; Comparative Politics; Gender, Race, and Identity; International Relations; Methodology; Political Theory; Public Administration; Public Law; Public Policy. PRQ especially encourages research that is problem-driven and that utilizes multiple methodological and theoretical frameworks to address major political problems or puzzles. The journal also attempts to reflect the diversity of the discipline of political science and to serve as a meaningful forum for critical analysis and debate. Though primarily a venue for original research articles, PRQ features occasional collections of articles on a common theme or debate, to be published as short symposia. Symposium proposals are welcome, and individual submissions will undergo the same review process as manuscripts of research articles. Important debates between scholars or responses to controversial articles are also featured from time to time. [1]

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