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Plant Protection Quarterly is an Australian journal with an international circulation that publishes original papers on all aspects of plant protection. Topics represented cover all aspects of the protection of economic plants from weeds, pests and diseases and include the protection and ecology of vegetation on public land such as roadsides, railways, national parks, gardens and reserves. Plants can be affected both economically and environmentally by disease, insects, nematodes, predators, weeds, salinity and other factors; weeds are controlled and managed using herbicides, biological control agents, mechanical and integrated control techniques; plant biology, disease prediction, remote sensing and inventory techniques are all essential in understanding the behaviour of plants. These areas are all represented in this journal. In addition to the publication of scientific papers, review articles and technical notes that have undergone peer review, the journal publishes book reviews, conference reports and notices and letters to the editor. The notable review series Biology of Australian Weeds is also published in this journal. This Journal provides research scientists, field officers, agricultural advisers, pest controllers, chemical resellers, equipment manufactures and other people working in agriculture, horticulture, land management and allied areas with a source of current information and latest research results that are not readily obtained elsewhere. [1]

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(  1981  -  1984  ) Australian Weeds    (  1985  -  9999  ) Plant Protection Quarterly

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