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Pesticide Outlook is an international bimonthly journal reporting on developments of both synthetic and naturally occurring fungicides, herbicides, growth regulators, insecticides and rodenticides. Pesticide Outlook covers worldwide developments, not only in crop protection, but also in the use of pesticides in animal and human health, wood preservation, amenity use, etc. Improved application methods, integrated pest management, and biological control are also covered, as there is a growing desire for more cost-effective, better-targeted, and more environmentally acceptable control measures. In Pesticide Outlook we seek to present a balance between the benefits of using pesticides and the problems associated with their use. An authoritative source of information, presented in a readable style, Pesticide Outlook provides feature articles, World news items, book reviews, notices, conference reports, and a calendar of forthcoming events, together with full colour illustrations. The views expressed in articles are the authors' and are not necessarily shared by the Editor. The Royal Society of Chemistry has taken reasonable care in the preparation of Pesticide Outlook, but does not accept liability for the consequences of any errors or omissions. Inclusion of any item of data in this journal does not imply endorsement by the Royal Society of Chemistry. Now published by Research Information Ltd as Outlooks on Pest Management (1743-1026). [1]

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