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The Notre Dame Law Review was founded in 1925 and was known as the Notre Dame Lawyer until the name was changed in 1982. It is published five times a year by students of the Law School. It affords qualified students an invaluable opportunity for training in precise analysis of legal problems and in clear and cogent presentation of legal issues. The Law Review contains articles and lectures by eminent members of the legal profession and comments and notes by members of the staff. Entirely student edited, the Law Review has maintained a tradition of excellence, and its membership has included some of the most able judges, professors, and practitioners in the country. Each year the Law Review publishes one volume, appearing in five separate issues between October and June. One issue of each volume, Federal Courts, Practice & Procedure, represents a forum for exploring civil practice and procedure in the federal courts. [1]

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(  1925  -  1982  ) Notre Dame Lawyer    (  1982  -  9999  ) Notre Dame Law Review
2003 - VOLUME 78, ISSUE 4
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