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The New Review of Academic Librarianship, published annually, reports upon the full range of issues of current concern to academic librarians: information technology; major co-operative and commercial library systems; developments in electronic libraries; academic library management; performance measurement; management information systems; marketing (including user studies and user education); collection management; the academic role of the librarian; the influence of national library policy and national education policy on the academic library; the physical library environment; the evolving hybrid library; conservation and preservation; library networking; training and staff development; research in academic librarianship. It provides essential reading for all concerned with the future of the academic library. [1]

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(  N.A.  -  N.A.  ) British Journal of Academic Librarianship    (  1995  -  9999  ) New Review of Academic Librarianship
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New Review of Academic Librarianship , 2020 , pp 1-4.

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