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Aim & Scope
Neuropsychoanalysis publishes papers at the intersection of psychoanalysis and the neurosciences. Our journal was founded on the assumption that these two historically divided disciplines are ultimately pursuing the same task, namely, 'attempt[ing] to make the complications of mental functioning intelligible by dissecting the function and assigning its different constituents to different component parts of the [mental] apparatus' (Freud, 1900a, p. 536). Although the fields have approached this task from radically different perspectives, the underlying commonalities have become increasingly evident as neuroscientists have begun to investigate those 'complications of mental functioning' that were traditionally the preserve of psychoanalysts, such as emotion, unconscious cognition, and interpersonal processes. Neuropsychoanalysis provides an arena for integrating the explosion of neuroscientific insights into existing psychoanalytic theories and models, and for enriching behavioral and cognitive neuroscience, neurology, neuropsychology and related fields with the dynamic perspectives of psychoanalytic thought and practice. We welcome experimental, clinical or theoretical papers that take into account both mind and brain. More specifically, papers that emphasize the integration of the dynamic, intrapsychic or interpersonal world of subjectivity and mental life, either conscious or unconscious, on the one hand, and the objective measurements or manipulations of brain structure or function, on the other hand, are invited. Submissions are subject to double-blind peer review before they are accepted for publication. In addition, target papers on selected topics are solicited from leading researchers, and published together with invited commentaries from both psychoanalytic and neuroscientific peers. [1]

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