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NeuroMolecular Medicine presents cutting-edge research articles and critical reviews on the molecular and biochemical basis of neurological disorders. Coverage ranges from genetic analyses of human populations to animal and cell culture models of neurological disorders, and includes findings concerning the identification of genetic aberrancies and their pathogenic mechanisms at the molecular and cellular levels. Coverage includes experimental analyses of molecular cascades involved in the development and adult plasticity of the nervous system, in neurological dysfunction, and in neuronal degeneration and repair. NeuroMolecular Medicine encompasses basic research in molecular genetics, signal transduction, plasticity, and cell death. The journal gives special attention to synthetic research and reviews that aim to bridge genetic aberrancies with cellular and molecular mechanisms of neurological pathogenesis. [1]

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M Palani , R Arunkumar , AJ Vanisree

NeuroMolecular Medicine
2021 - VOLUME 23, ISSUE 4 p 576.
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2019 - VOLUME 2019, ISSUE 3
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