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Aim & Scope
The subject areas of Reviews in Mutation Researchencompass the entire spectrum of the science of mutation research and its applications, with particular emphasis on the relationship between mutation and disease. Thus this section will cover advances in human genome research (including evolving technologies for mutation detection and functional genomics) with applications in clinical genetics, gene therapy and health risk assessment for environmental agents of concern. Genetic toxicology and environmental mutagenesis (including the factors that modulate the genetic activity of environmental agents) will continue to be prominent topics in this section. In addition to full-length reviews, mini-reviews on specific topical themes will be published. [1]

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(  1992  -  1999  ) Nanostructured Materials    (  1996  -  9999  ) Acta Materialia
(  1992  -  1999  ) Nanostructured Materials    (  1996  -  9999  ) Scripta Materialia

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