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Aim & Scope
Matter and Radiation at Extremes (MRE), is committed to the publication of original and impactful research and review papers that address extreme states of matter and radiation, and the associated science and technology that are employed to produce and diagnose these conditions in the laboratory. Drivers, targets and diagnostics are included along with related numerical simulation and computational methods. It aims to provide a peer-reviewed platform for the international physics community and promote worldwide dissemination of the latest and impactful research in related fields. Matter and Radiation at Extremes covers a broad range of important research in the following topics: Fundamental Physics at Extremes: Atomic physics, nuclear physics and plasma physics at extremes; Radiation and high energy particle generation and transport; Innovative accelerators; Laser-plasma interaction; Laboratory astrophysics. Laser and Particle Beam Fusion: Laser and particle beam fusion physics; Experiments and diagnostics; Target fabrication; Lasers, laser propagation and optics including advanced materials response to high energy lasers and advanced manufacturing; Material response to radiation (particle and photon). Magnetic Driven Fusion: Magneto-inertial fusion; Z-pinch, magnetized target fusion; Other fusion approaches. Pulsed Power Technology and High Power Electromagnetics: Pulsed power technology, electromagnetic environmental effects; High power microwave/millimeter-wave/terahertz technologies; High power electromagnetic pulse protection technology; Power flow. High Pressure Physics and Materials Science: Methods and techniques of high pressure physics research; Matter properties and equation of state at extreme conditions; High pressure materials science. [1]

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2023 - VOLUME 8, ISSUE 3