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The Journal of the North Carolina Academy of Science (formerly the Journal of the Elisha Mitchell Scientific Society, Vol. 1-118) is the oldest continuously published state science academy journal in the United States, first published in 1884. The Journal is published quarterly, with one issue including abstracts from the Academy’s Annual Meeting and one issue including the Annual Meeting’s Proceedings. The Journal has recently maintained a relatively rapid processing rate for submittals, with time from submission to publication of (accepted) articles averaging 3-6 months. The Journal of the North Carolina Academy of Science (JNCAS), announces our multidisciplinary focus for all types of research relevant to North Carolina. We are especially interested in research conducted in North Carolina and neighboring states, or by North Carolina researchers. We are accepting manuscripts for publication online through Allen Press PeerTrack™. All manuscripts must be submitted as outlined in JNCAS or on the North Carolina Academy of Science website ( The Journal publishes scholarly articles in all scientific disciplines; recent articles have addressed topics in biochemistry, behavior, chemistry, genetics, ecology, botany, aquatic ecology, meteorology, mathematics, mammalogy, ichthyology, physiology, and environmental science, among others. The Journal also publishes Short Notes, Book Reviews, and historical articles about scientific personalities, issues, and programs. Although the focus of many articles is on state and regional issues, the Journal welcomes contributions from all contributors on all scientific topics including science education. The Journal is also receptive to proposals for Special Topics issues dedicated to symposium proceedings or current issues. Prospective Special Topics contributors should discuss proposals with the Managing Editor. [1]

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