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As the economic marketplace expands across continents and cultures, it is essential to establish a world-wide network of ideas and information that serves your transnational business interests. The Journal of Transnational Management (retitled from the Journal of Transnational Management Development to better reflect its focus) is an international forum that examines management research, teaching and training techniques, consulting, and development issues from a multicultural perspective, presenting practical business strategies that produce results on a global scale. The Journal of Transnational Management is a comprehensive resource for management in foreign environments, presenting an exchange of conceptual and empirical research on an international level. Articles written by business practitioners, management development experts, and academicians address issues related to firms, public enterprises, educational institutions, and nonprofit organizations throughout the world. The Journal of Transnational Management creates a network of international knowledge that business professionals and public policymakers can use to establish successful programs for a global market, including not-for-profit development agencies. The journal's effective mix of professional insights, proven strategies, and practical analysis benefits anyone with ties to the international business community, including developmental economists, social scientists, researchers, and consultants. And the journal's "inside" look from both macro- and micro-economics perspectives provides a unique reference source for teachers and students of management, marketing, finance, information systems, and international business. The Journal of Transnational Management presents up-to-date analysis on the most pressing international and multicultural issues facing the global marketplace. Topics covered in the journal have included: the trade-foreign investment dichotomy; case studies of international top management teams; technology strategies for companies operating in global markets; value-based marketing for transitional economics; a study of Asian, Arab, and African MBA graduates; human resources management practices in China and thematic issues on international business education; development and strategies, policies, and their economic environment for globalization and regionalization. To compete in a marketplace defined by language, custom, and cultural differences, transnational business professionals need to level the playing field with insightful analysis of key management issues. The Journal of Transnational Management provides the practical strategies and multi-cultural perspectives you need to succeed at the international level. [1]

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