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Aim & Scope
The Journal of Theoretical Politics is an international peer-reviewed journal one of whose principal aims is to foster the development of theory in the study of political processes. It provides a forum for the publication of original papers seeking to make genuinely theoretical contributions to the study of politics. The journal includes rigorous analytical articles on a range of theoretical topics. In particular, it focuses on new theoretical work which is broadly accessible to social scientists and contributes to our understanding of political processes. It also includes original syntheses of recent theoretical developments in diverse fields. The journal does not favour any specific theoretical perspective, but emphasizes the general importance of theory in political science. It also encourages articles which evaluate the relative merits of completing theories to explain empirical phenomena. The journal aims to include papers from fields such as: conceptual analysis and methodological criticism; rational-choice, social choice, game theory and other deductive approaches; systems theory, cybernetics and information theory; democratic politics and international relations; theory of bureaucracy and organizations; origins and effects of institutions. [1]

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