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The Journal of Scholarly Publishing targets the unique issues facing the scholarly publishing industry today. It is the indispensable resource for academics and publishers that addresses the new challenges resulting from changes in technology, funding and innovations in publishing. In serving the wide-ranging interests of the international academic publishing community, JSP provides a balanced look at the issues and concerns, from solutions to everyday publishing problems to commentary on the philosophical questions at large. JSP has also examined the future of scholarly publishing, scholarship on the web, digitization, copyright, editorial policies, computer applications, marketing, and pricing models. JSP was launched in October 1969 by staff at University of Toronto Press to explore scholarly publishing in the world of the university press. In the inaugural editorial, Marsh Jeanneret, then Director of the Press, outlined the purpose of the journal, discussing the university press’s relationship to its parent institution, the business structure of academic publishing, the nature of copyright, and the rapidly evolving technology of communication – concerns still paramount for university presses today. JSP continues to confront and document the challenges and achievements of academic publishers and serve the wide-ranging interests of the international academic publishing community. Articles examine the age-old problems in publishing as well as contemporary challenges resulting from changes in technology and funding through the exploration of topics such as editorial and publishing policy, computer applications, electronic publishing, effective marketing, and business management. Through balanced analysis of industry issues and concerns, JSP offers a unique blend of philosophical analysis and practical advice that has attracted readers around the world. [1]

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2022 - VOLUME 53, ISSUE 4
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Text Recycling and Excessive Attribution: A Pragmatic Perspective

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Journal of Scholarly Publishing , 2022 - VOLUME 53, ISSUE 4 , pp 177-191.

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