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Aim & Scope
Findings from psychological research in Africa and related regions need an inter-disciplinary forum for broad-based dissemination and utilization in the context of development. The Journal of Psychology in Africa provides such a forum. Its core mission is to advance psychological research for the social-cultural and health development in Africanist settings, inclusive of the African diaspora communities around the globe. Research that addresses African heritage realities and opportunities is particularly encouraged. Contributions should attempt a synthesis of local and universal methodologies and applications, contributing to the wider body of knowledge in the applied psychological sciences. [1]

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(  1988  -  1990  ) Journal of African Psychology (South of the Sahara, the Caribbean, and Afro-Latin America)    (  1991  -  9999  ) Journal of Psychology in Africa (JPA)
2023 - VOLUME 33, ISSUE 1
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