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The Journal of Promotion Management will keep you up to date with cutting edge with applied research and planning in promotion management. It is designed for practitioners in advertising, public relations, and personal selling, as well as academicians, researchers, and teachers in these areas. Each issue of the Journal of Promotion Management includes research papers, case studies, commentaries, and book reviews--all from leading practitioners and academics. Contributors integrate historical ideas and theoretical concerns into contemporary perspectives, providing the kind of practical information that will give your students the edge in this highly competitive field. And the journal is one of the few sources for material on non-media promotional topics, including specialty advertising and sales promotion. Features of the Journal of Promotion Management include: empirical papers with management implications; case studies that clearly discuss the relevance of the case to other practitioners and academicians; commentaries on cutting-edge concepts in promotion management from leading academicians and practitioners; "Industry Trends" columns that note recent or notable events affecting promotion management; book reviews, with each book reviewed by both an academician and a practitioner. Topics covered in the Journal of Promotion Management have included: celebrity branding in sports marketing; Internet vs. traditional advertising; promotional strategies in the film industry; developing a Yellow Pages media unit; corporate sponsorship; marketing direct-to-consumer prescription drugs. [1]

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Attention-Grabbing Power of Branded vs. Unbranded Packaging

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Journal of Promotion Management
2019 - VOLUME 25, ISSUE 7 pp 1059-1086.
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Journal of Promotion Management
2022 p 1.
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