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Aim & Scope
Journal of Plant Science & Molecular Breeding is an Open Access (Gold OA), peer reviewed, international online publishing journal, which aims to publish top quality papers on diseases of Plants and their causative organisms and also considers manuscripts related to Molecular Breeding of Crop Plants. Journal of Plant Science & Molecular Breeding involves diseases of plants caused by fungi, bacteria, viruses, phytoplasmas and nematodes; physiological, biochemical, molecular, ecological, genetic and economic aspects of plant pathology; disease epidemiology, crop loss assessment; plant disease control and disease-related crop management, contemporary methods of molecular genetics and genomic analysis, structural and functional genomics in crops, proteomics and metabolic profiling, abiotic stress and field evaluation of transgenic crops containing particular traits, marker assisted breeding are also of major interest, in particular novel approaches and new results of marker assisted breeding, QTL cloning, integration of conventional, marker assisted breeding and QTL studies in crop plants. JPSMB Keywords: Conventional methods of Plant Breeding; Economic botany; Ethnobotany; Genetic Engineering Applications; Genetic Transformations; Horticulture; Micropropagation; Molecular Breeding; Molecular Markers; Paleobotany; Palynology; Phytopathology; Plant Anatomy; Plant Biochemistry; Plant Biology; Plant Ecology; Plant Embryology; Plant Genetics; Plant Genomics; Plant Immunochemistry; Plant Molecular Biology; Plant Morphology; Plant perception; Plant Physiology; Plant Proteomics; Plant systematics; Weed Science. [1]

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2019 - VOLUME 5, ISSUE 1