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Aim & Scope
The Journal of Pharmacopuncture is an international, peer-reviewed open-access journal published in English by the Korean Pharmacopuncture Institute (KPI). The journal has provided high-quality papers quarterly since it was launched in 1997. Its ISSN was changed in September 2010 from 1226-4849 to 2093-6966 when its title was changed from daehanyakchimhakhweiji to the Journal of Pharmacopuncture. The journal aims to publish evidence-based, scientific research papers in the multidisciplinary field of traditional and modern medicine through a strict review process by a panel of experts. As an international journal, the Journal of Pharmacopuncture also aims to present major advances and new developments contributing to the advancement of complementary and alternative medicine, with a special focus on pharmacology, acupuncture and a combination of pharmacology and acupuncture. The journal is dedicated to disseminating current data and ideas and fostering debate on issues related to complementary and alternative medicine and to providing better information to both the general public and experts. In addition, the journal requires high standards of research ethics to maintain the integrity of science. The official title of the journal is the 'Journal of Pharmacopuncture' and the abbreviated title is ‘J. Pharmacopunct’. The Journal of Pharmacopuncture covers a wide range of basic and clinical science research relevant to all aspects of the biotechnology of integrated approaches using both pharmacology and acupuncture therapeutics, including research involving pharmacology, acupuncture studies and pharmacopuncture studies. The subjects are mainly divided into three categories: pharmacology (applied phytomedicine, plant sciences, pharmacology, toxicology, medicinal plants, traditional medicines, herbal medicine, Sasang constitutional medicine, herbal formulae, foods, agricultural technologies, naturopathy, etc.), acupuncture (acupressure, electroacupuncture, laser acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping, etc.), and pharmacopuncture (aqua-acupuncture, meridian pharmacopuncture, eight-principles pharmacopuncture, animal-based pharmacopuncture, mountain ginseng pharmacopuncture, bee venom therapy, needle embedding therapy, implant therapy, etc.). Other categories include chuna treatment, veterinary acupuncture and related animal studies, alternative medicines for treating cancer and cancer-related symptoms, etc. Broader topical coverage on the effects of acupuncture, the medical plants used in traditional and alternative medicine, pharmacological action and other related modalities, such as anthroposophy, homeopathy, ayurveda, bioelectromagnetic therapy, chiropractic, neural therapy and meditation, can be considered to be within the journal’s scope if based on acupoints and meridians. Submissions of original articles, review articles, systematic reviews, case reports, brief reports, opinions, commentaries, medical lectures, letters to the editor, photo-essays, technical notes, and book reviews are encouraged. [1]

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(  1997  -  2010  ) Taehan Yakch'im Hakhoe Chi    (  2010  -  9999  ) Journal of Pharmacopuncture

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