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Aim & Scope
The Journal of Ocean Technology is an independent quarterly periodical specifically designed to cater to all segments of the global ocean technology community. Its mission is to expand global knowledge and understanding of ocean technologies, to serve as the medium for publishing world-leading research and to promote innovation that contributes to responsible ocean utilization and management. For many involved in oceans, regularly publishing results of research, development and commercialization activities continues to be an effective means of advancing their work and their organizations. While there are many communication tools available to assist in this process, the scientific journal continues to serve as the main currency for intellectual capital and as a mainstay for both disseminating and validating innovation across the industry. Composed of three sections, the JOT offers full coverage for the oceans community. In addition to a number of columns and special features, the JOT includes the following regular sections: essays; reviews and papers on science, technology, and engineering; and Spindrift. This section offers a glimpse into the “human” side of ocean technology by featuring one-on-one interviews with leading experts; looking at the past and future of a specific themed area; and sharing news and other interesting information. [1]

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(  N.A.  -  N.A.  ) Journal of Ocean Technology    (  1969  -  9999  ) Marine Technology Society Journal

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