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Stimulated by the advent of modern computers the developments in the field of numerical mathematics have been numerous in the past decades. However, the developments in the East and West went in different directions. Since its inception in 1993, the (East-West) Journal of Numerical Mathematics has promoted the exchange of ideas and results in numerical mathematics between scientists in Eastern Europe and Western countries and familiarized the world scientific community with the activities of researchers in Russia and other Eastern European countries. Due to political changes in the last decade, the exchange of research results has become easier and as a result, research results from Eastern European countries no longer form the emphasis of this journal. The Journal of Numerical Mathematics continues to contain high-quality papers on various topics in numerical mathematics as well as papers with significant mathematical content in the field of computational fluid dynamics and other areas of computational science from the international research community. Additionally, the journal will publish selected and refereed papers from workshops and conferences. [1]

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