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Aim & Scope
Journal of Medicine and Life has as its main scope the publication of peer reviewed articles from various areas of medicine, including but not limited to original articles, special articles, case presentations, reviews of other published articles, significant medical news and letters to the editor. The Editorial Board focuses on current concerns in the broad area of medicine and life without being restrictive on the field of activity or national borders. Specialists from academic, medical and social environments alike are invited to contribute to the development of the Journal. Beside the above-mentioned fields of interest, the Editorial Board is looking forward to receiving manuscripts from different fields of research, like basic and clinical (medicine, dentistry, pharmacy). In addition, our Journal has dedicated sections for hospital activities, congresses, workshops, and notes on scientific agendas. Neuroprotection, neurorehabilitation, neuroplasticity and neuroregeneration will always find generous publishing space in the journals’ pages, as proof of the interest in clinical and fundamental medical research shown by the medical world today. [1]

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