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Aim & Scope
The Journal of Media Practice (JMP) is a new peer-reviewed publication addressing practical work in media teaching and research. To this end, the editorial board and consultative panels comprise prominent academics and practitioners from a range of disciplines committed to the achievement of academic and professional ends through means centred on practical work. The JMP publishes articles that build a profile of established and innovative practical approaches to teaching and research, providing an inter-disciplinary forum where practice in one field stimulates thinking in another. It encourages analysis of practical work on the shifting boundaries between existing and emerging media forms (film, television, multimedia, the web) connecting education with creative and industry-oriented practice. The Journal of Media Practice should enrich the work of teachers, researchers and the key associated bodies, school FE and HE advisers, media practitioners and potential employers. While considerable expertise now exists in this area, there have been few ways in which those involved could debate ideas for a wider arena, until now. [1]

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(  2000  -  2017  ) Journal of Media Practice (JMP)    (  2018  -  9999  ) Media Practice and Education

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