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Journal of Exercise Rehabilitation is the official journal of the Korean Society of Exercise Rehabilitation, being published six times a year. Supplementary issues may be published. Its official abbreviation is "J Exerc Rehabil". It was launched in 2005. The title of the first volume was Journal of the Korean Society of Exercise Rehabilitation (pISSN 1976-6319). The journal title was changed to Journal of Exercise Rehabilitation from Volume 9 Number 2, 2013. The types of manuscripts include research articles, review articles, and articles invited by the Editorial Board. Journal of Exercise Rehabilitation contains 6 sections: Basic research on exercise rehabilitation, Clinical research on exercise rehabilitation, Exercise rehabilitation pedagogy, Exercise rehabilitation education, Exercise rehabilitation psychology, and Exercise rehabilitation welfare. Only articles that are scientifically identified and theoretically, originally developed as the results of new, significant, and recent studying on the medical information and knowledge associated with the above-mentioned fields and that were conducted ethically and complied with policies of management of the Korean Society of Exercise Rehabilitation can be published in this Journal. Articles that have been already published or submitted for publication elsewhere cannot be submitted to this journal, and articles that have been published in this journal cannot be published elsewhere without permission. The Korean Society of Exercise Rehabilitation has all the copyrights of all the manuscripts that have been submitted and permitted for publication in this Journal. [1]

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