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Aim & Scope
This unique multidisciplinary journal is the only publication that focuses exclusively on crime, criminal justice, and ethnicity/race. Here you'll find insightful commentaries, position papers, and examinations of new and existing legislation by scholars and professionals committed to the study of ethnicity and criminal justice. In addition, the Journal of Ethnicity in Criminal Justice presents the latest empirical findings, theoretical discussion, and research on social and criminal justice issues. It also provides scholarly thoughts and informed opinions on current and controversial issues, including racial profiling, race and death penalty, drug laws and minorities, and felony disenfranchisement laws and ethnicity. In the Journal of Ethnicity in Criminal Justice, subscribers will find: critical analyses of issues pertaining to ethnicity and criminal justice, scholarly data, theory, and articles that go far beyond the depth of the journalistic anecdotes, international and cross-cultural perspectives on important issues, articles that explore the broad themes of ethnicity and criminal justice and advance theory, research, and policy in these areas. Educators, undergraduate, and graduate students in social sciences such as sociology, criminal justice, criminology, and psychology will find the Journal of Ethnicity in Criminal Justice to be an invaluable learning and research tool. [1]

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