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Offical Journal of Association de Pharmacie Galénique Industrielle (APGI), Associazione Docenti e Ricercatori Italiani di Tecnologie e Legislazione Farmaceutiche (A.D.R.I.T.E.L.F.) and Academy of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology, Japan (APSTJ) The Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology is an international journal devoted to drug delivery and pharmaceutical technology. The journal covers all innovative aspects of all pharmaceutical dosage forms and the most advanced research on controlled release, bioavailability and drug absorption, nanomedicines, gene delivery, tissue engineering, etc. Hot topics, related to manufacturing processes and quality control, are also welcomed. [1]

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(  1991  -  2003  ) STP Pharma Sciences    (  2004  -  9999  ) Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology