Periodical (Journal)

ISSN  :   1759-6599 ( Print )   |   2042-8715 ( Online )   Active

Aim & Scope
Journal of Aggression, Conflict and Peace Research (JACPR) is unique in providing collective coverage of these often separated disciplines. This approach stems from the ethos that in order to understand conflict and aggression it is also necessary to understand peace and conflict resolution (and vice versa). JACPR publishes a broad range of peer-viewed and international original articles and review papers on all aspects of aggression, conflict and peace. It is aimed at both academic and practice development, with a clear remit of translating research findings and policy into implementations for practice. JACPR stands out in the marketplace for its broad and multidisciplinary scope, encompassing topics such as physical and sexual aggression, from individual violence to mass aggression, including genocide and terrorism. It also investigates the dynamics and evolution of conflict and resolution and explores peace research. JACPR is published in association with the University of Central Lancashire and Ashworth Research Centre. [1]

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