Periodical (Journal)

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Aim & Scope
IJTEL focuses on promoting and disseminating research in e-learning and distance education worldwide. It encourages multidisciplinary research in online learning/teaching, technology-enabled design and deployment of academic programmes, teaching projects and initiatives, emerging technologies and applications, blended online and face-to-face teaching modes, materials and pedagogy. IJTEL aims: to provide holistic, multidisciplinary discussion on technology-enhanced learning research; to promote international collaboration and the exchange of ideas/know-how on technology-enhanced learning; and to investigate strategies on how technology-enhanced learning can promote sustainable development. Topics covered include: Technology enhanced learning (TEL) domain; Key issues: effective strategies, learning models/theories; ICT deployment in education: policy, integration, extensibility, interoperability; Pedagogical theories/models, constructivist approaches; Collaborative/context aware/personalised approaches; Communities of learners; Web 2.0, semantic web; Adaptive/personalised hypermedia, metadata/content standards; Free/open source software, ubiquitous/pervasive/grid technologies; Intelligent agents, learning management systems, emerging technologies; TEL practices in different educational/learning contexts; Surveys of TEL adoption in education; TEL tools/emerging technologies, new generation TEL; Government policies for TEL promotion; Challenges, future of TEL, roadmaps for the future. [1]

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