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Aim & Scope
The impacts of society touch everyone. They may be considerable, even critical. Societal problems, especially those remaining unchecked and unmanaged, can weaken, threaten, or even destroy, society. Production produces pollution; medication generates side-effects; pesticide causes poisoning; innovation can lead to unemployment, etc. IJSSoc deals not only with whether modern society should be sustainable, but also the ways in which this could/should come about, balancing economic development/environmental protection, real aggregate demand/aggregate supply, human beings/nature, consumption/preservation, material/spiritual pleasures, civil liberty/self-restraint, hedonism/practicality, science/society. Topics covered include: Corporate social responsibility; Ecological economics, sustainability accounting; Emerging issues; Nature-society interactions; Sustainable agriculture, bioresource use, ecology; Sustainable cities, communities, construction, consumption; Sustainable corporations, organisations, development/planning; Sustainable economy, education; Sustainable energy, fisheries, food production, forestry; Sustainable future, policies, innovation, investment funds; Sustainable product design, technology, supply chain networks; Sustainable social change, [sub]urban development; Sustainable [strategic] management; Sustainable tourism, transportation, waste/water management; Sustainable workplaces. [1]

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