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Aim & Scope
Sustainability is usually associated with ecological and political economics, as well as social and economic development: the associated consequences on national and global levels and the related trade-off and compromises between social, environmental and economic benefits. Furthermore, "society systems science" or "society science", as we have termed it, is the interface of natural science and social science, where both natural scientists and social scientists confront the real-world problems and challenges that exist in our society, and work towards formulating effective solutions. IJSSoc aims to provide a professional forum for formulating, discussing and disseminating these solutions, which relate to the design, development, deployment, management, measurement, and adjustment of these social networks. They should form a common ground on which a sustainable society can be built, shared and supported by professionals from different disciplines. The universal goal of achieving peace, prosperity, and harmony in our society should go beyond disciplines, and ultimately be coordinated across different nationalities, cultures, races, and religions, and be sustainable. [1]

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