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Aim & Scope
IJSHC addresses multidisciplinary research/practice on computing approaches to the agendas of humanity and society, providing an outlet for an emerging discipline converging from high-tech technologies, intelligent systems and human-sensitive, context-aware experiences. 'Social and humanistic computing' stands for holistic approaches to human/social-centric design of pervasive, ubiquitous systems, providing/supporting a new era of human/social experience going beyond traditional perceptions of the interaction of humans with IT/IS, exploiting social/humanistic research for the provision of high-tech services and human-centric systems promoting social sustainability development. Topics covered include: Human and social computing in living, science, health, culture, government, education, knowledge, learning, commerce, business, education, tourism; Social networks research, social software; Collaborative platforms; Personalisation and adaptation; Usability studies, interaction design; Context awareness; Community computing/community informatics; Social informatics; Participatory/cooperative design; Participatory action research (PAR) methods; Policy development; Privacy and security; Ubiquity and pervasiveness; Emotional intelligence; Web 2.0. [1]

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2023 - VOLUME 1, ISSUE 1