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Aim & Scope
IJPT addresses novel scientific/technological results contributing to advancing powertrain technology, from components/subsystems to system integration/controls. Focus is primarily but not exclusively on ground vehicle applications. IJPT's perspective is largely inspired by the fact that many innovations in powertrain advancement are only possible due to synergies between mechanical design, mechanisms, mechatronics, controls, networking system integration, etc. The science behind these is characterised by physical phenomena across the range of physics (multiphysics) and scale of motion (multiscale) governing the behaviour of components/subsystems. Topics covered include: Design/modelling/dynamics/control of engines/transmissions/drivelines; Energy management strategies for multi-modes of propulsion; Innovative energy efficient/environment friendly technologies; Advanced energy conversion, including; Electric drive systems incl. motors/generators/invertors/power electronics; Powertrain integration/control/optimisation/diagnostics/prognostics; Networked systems; Software development for powertrain control; real-time simulation; Experimental investigations, model validation; Component and powertrain-in-the-loop techniques; Advanced engine technology, advanced techniques in emission reductions; Analysis/assessment of impact on energy utilisation and environment. [1]

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2023 - VOLUME 12, ISSUE 3