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Any discussion of energy-related issues, such as air pollution, global climate change, and energy supply security, energy efficiency, raises the issue of future use of alternative fuels. Hydrogen offers large potential benefits in terms of reduced emissions of pollutants and greenhouse gases and improved efficiency in use from abundantly available feedstock. Nuclear energy is well placed to be a major contributor to large-scale hydrogen production. The IJNHPA provides a venue for communication among researchers and policy analysts on the latest experimental and analytical results, economic and policy assessments, and technology innovations related to nuclear energy’s role in an expanding hydrogen economy. Although nuclear technology will play its most significant role in hydrogen production, knowledge of hydrogen transportation, storage and end use is necessary to understand the context in which nuclear energy will contribute to different hydrogen markets. Therefore, IJNHPA takes a broad approach in helping readers learn the latest thinking in the science, economics, and environmental impacts of nuclear-generated hydrogen. [1]

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