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Aim & Scope
The International Journal of Heritage in the Digital Era (IJHDE) is a quarterly high quality peer reviewed journal in the area of Digital Cultural Heritage and Digital Libraries. The journal’s main scope is to advance the theory, research, practice and to provide a bridge of communication for academicians, researchers, professionals, scientists and students worldwide working in the different areas and disciplines of Digital Heritage. The IJHDE will focus on interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary research concerning both innovative Cultural Heritage Informatics and use of technology for the digitalization, representation, documentation, archiving, preservation, and communication of Cultural Heritage knowledge. The journal is designed to serve as a source reference and archive of advancements in the following themes: Digital Data Acquisition Technologies in Cultural Heritage; 2D and 3D Data Capture Methodologies and Data Processing in Cultural Heritage; On-site and remotely sensed data collection in Cultural Heritage; 2D and 3D GIS in Cultural Heritage; Remote Sensing for Archaeology, GPS and GIS in Cultural Heritage Management & Monitoring; CAD and FEM based Digital Reconstructions and 3D Modeling; Reproduction Techniques and Rapid Prototyping in CH; Visualization Techniques (desktop, Virtual and Augmented Reality); Virtual Reality in Archaeology and Historical Research; Multimedia, Multilingual, Data Management and Archiving in Cultural Heritage; Construction and indexing of large scale Multimedia/Multilingual data; Encyclopedias in Cultural Heritage; Computer Animation for CH Applications and Virtual Heritage; Game Technologies in Cultural Heritage; Non-Photorealistic Rendering of CH Data; Virtual Museum Applications (e-Museums and e-Exhibitions); Digital/Virtual Documentation of Archaeological Excavations; Novel Internet-based Cultural Heritage Applications; Portals and Digital Libraries of Culture; Usability, Effectiveness and Interface Design for Cultural Heritage Applications; Interactive Environments and Applications in Cultural Heritage; e-Libraries and e-Archives in Cultural Heritage; National Digital Libraries and Aggregators as cross-domain systems; Long term availability of content and its long term accessibility; Effective IC-Technologies for the creation, management and reuse of content and knowledge; Storytelling and authoring tools; e-Learning in Cultural Heritage; Tools for Education, Documentation and Training in Cultural Heritage; Archaeological Analysis and Interpretive Design; Standards, Metadata, Ontologies and Semantic Processing in Cultural Heritage and Digital Libraries; Authentication, Accreditation and Digital Rights Management; Legal issues: Water-Marking, Orphan Works, Copyrights and IPR; Professional and Ethical Guidelines in Digital Cultural Heritage; The Economics of Cultural Informatics and Tourism; Natural and Man initiated deconstruction of Cultural Heritage and prevention techniques; ICT assistance in monitoring and restoration of monuments, archeological sites and artifacts. [1]

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