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Aim & Scope
The primary aim of International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition is to integrate food science with nutrition. Improvement of knowledge in human nutrition should always be the final objective of submitted research. Topics covered include: Impact of nutritional science on food product development; Nutritional implications of food processing; Bioavailability of nutrients and non nutrients; Nutritional quality of novel foods; Role of the human microbiota in nutrition; Food-nutrient interactions in human nutrition; Use of biotechnology in food science/nutrition; Food acceptability and dietary selection; Nutritional and physiological aspects of food; Dietary requirements and nutritive value of food; Food contamination and its link to human nutrition; Behavioural and consumer science. The Journal accepts in vivo, as well as epidemiological studies in humans. In vitro or animal studies are acceptable if aimed at establishing safety or mechanisms of action of nutrients or non nutrients in humans. [1]

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(  1988  -  1990  ) Food Sciences and Nutrition    (  1992  -  9999  ) International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition
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