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Aim & Scope
The world is witnessing a spiralling increase in national and international incidents in the form of natural disasters, tragic accidents and acts of war or terrorism. Health care systems are more vulnerable than ever before to the volatility of our high-tech society and the escalation of national and international conflicts and disasters. The International Journal of Disaster Medicine is the first international journal devoted exclusively to the field of disaster medicine. Practitioners and researchers in health-care, academia, industry and government around the world will find analyses, ideas, new application of knowledge, and discussions of topical issues that will help them enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of their policies in disaster medicine. The International Journal of Disaster Medicine will provide the latest experience, research, reviews and debates in the following areas: Experiences from major accidents and disasters; Vulnerability assessment and risk analyses; Planning and preparedness; Practical management and organization in major accident and disasters. Research within all fields of disaster medicine: Traumatology; Extreme temperatures; Hazardous material; Nuclear medicine; Bioterrorism; Psychological reactions; Terror and armed conflicts; Natural disasters. [1]

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