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Aim & Scope
International Communication Gazette is a major international, peer-reviewed journal. It aims to contribute to a fuller knowledge and understanding of: the structures and processes of international communication; the regulatory regimes in the field of international communication; the interaction between international and national flows of communication; the complexities of intercultural communication across national borders. The International Communication Gazette seeks contributions that are international comparative in scope. The journal aims, wherever possible, to publish work by authors with an international reputation and contributions that are of interest to international audiences. The journal: invites contributions that focus on international issues in the field of communication studies; seeks contributions comparing two or more countries or regions and only accept contributions on national issues in case the global significance of such issues is paramount; draws on high quality work from the international community of communication researchers; encourages innovative approaches to theoretical and methodological developments in the communications field; ensures that articles are written in transparent terminology and lucid style to render them accessible across the borders of specific disciplines. [1]

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(  1955  -  2005  ) Gazette : International Journal for Mass Communication Studies    (  2006  -  9999  ) International Communication Gazette

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