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Aim & Scope
Information Technology in Hospitality (formerly the International Journal of Hospitality Information Technology) was a scientifically founded journal that aought to publish articles in the field of hospitality information technology, a field that in the broadest sense draws upon the interface and impact of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and the hospitality industry. Thus hotels, restaurants, resorts, leisure and full range of hospitality provision, management, and communication are considered, as is ICT use in hospitality learning, teaching, and training. The intent of the journal was to serve as a medium through which both researchers and the hospitality industry may display and exchange ideas and develop the corpus of knowledge. The journal strove to keep its readers abreast of the latest developments in hospitality information technology by publishing articles of the highest possible standard. All articles were judged primarily on their contribution to the corpus of knowledge in the field of hospitality information technology, the robustness of the methodological approach and on the clarity and structure with which the author conveys concepts, ideas, and technical information. The journal also contained invited and reviewed industry contributions and more general information of use to the readership. [1]

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(  1999  -  2003  ) International Journal of Hospitality Information Technology    (  2005  -  2008  ) Information Technology in Hospitality
2008 - VOLUME 5, ISSUE 1