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Aim & Scope
The considerable "algorithmic complexity" of biological systems requires a huge amount of detailed information for their complete discription. Although far from being complete, the overwhelming quantity of small pieces of information gathered for all kind of biological systems at the molecular and cellular level requires computational tools to be adequately stored and interpreted. Interpretation of data means to abstract them as much as allowed to provide a systematic, an integrative view in biology. Most of the presently available scientific journals focus either on accumulating more data from elaborate experimental approaches, or on presenting new algorithms for the interpretation of these data. Both approaches are meritorious. However, since both communities do not interact with each other, neither the wet nor the computational biologists really apply the theoretical tools to that extent which would be possible and desirable to achieve that progress of research which is already feasible. In an attempt to bridge this gap for the sake of scientific progress, the new journal "In Silico Biology" has been established to be available on paper as well as electronically. The major focus of this journal shall be on the application of theoretical / mathematical / computational tools onto biological systems rather than to describe new algorithms. The basic idea is to promote the development of a more integrated view in living systems, answering the question: What can we learn for biology from this study? The computational method used may have been published earlier, but its application onto a certain molecular / cellular system should now provide some new insight into the way life is organizing itself. An international panel of known experts has been assembled for the Editorial Board. All papers will be peer-reviewed. A publication time of less than 1 month is aimed at for the electronic version and less than 3 months for the paper version. [1]

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