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Aim & Scope
Targeted for leading-edge industrial practitioners and applied researchers, ISA Transactions aims to be the respected journal of advances in the science and engineering of process measurement and automation.The topics of "measurement" include sensors, analyzers, signal processing, filtering, data compression, data rectification, fault detection, inferential measurement, soft sensors, hardware interfacing, etc. and any of the techniques that support them such as artificial intelligence, fuzzy logic, and analysis. The topics of "automation" include statistical and deterministic strategies for batch and continuous control, modeling and simulation, optimization, event triggers, scheduling and sequencing, system reliability, quality, maintenance, management, loss prevention, etc.; and the equipment and techniques that support them.New techniques will be developed from a reader-friendly, first-principles analytical foundation with clearly acknowledged and defended simplifications. Credible examples or experimental results are expected, to establish practicability. Authors are expected to discuss "hidden" issues, such as heuristics employed, limits of applicability, and needs for initialization. Thereby practitioner readers can make informed decisions as to the applicability to their process, and researchers can see where there are needs for theoretical analysis and continued technology developments.If you would like more information please visit the ISA Transactions society homepage at [1]

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