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Aim & Scope
IRS Management Review is an ongoing series of reports studying in depth the effects of, and reasons behind, many current management practices. Detailed research and named case studies combine to create a powerful means of understanding and relating to developments in the business world. Each quarterly report focuses on a single topic, and the range of subjects covered reflect the pressing concerns of business leaders today. The strategic approach allows senior managers to decide whether a management technique is appropriate for their organisation by showing how others have implemented it, and with what costs and benefits. Each IRS Management Review report includes the following: A full explanation of the management initiative in question and how it works in practice; An examination of previous research, identifying the issues that senior managers will face in practice and if they implement the initiatives; Numerous case studies, together with information supplied by other organisations, to investigate how the management initiative operates in practice and to establish the costs, advantages and disadvantages of implementation; A strategic overview, explaining how our findings can be used by senior management readers in their own organisations. [1]


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